[Local data] The second population-based food consumption survey in Hong Kong

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[Local data] The second population-based food consumption survey in Hong Kong

The second territory-wide food consumption survey was performed in Hong Kong from 2018 to 2021 to understand food consumption information among Hong Kong adults (≥ 18 years).

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    Two 24-hour dietary recall interviews were conducted for each respondent and food consumption information of selected food items was also collected using “food frequency questionnaire”. Some basic anthropometric and demographic information of respondents were also recorded.


    A total of 3,752 respondents have completed the survey and some key findings are listed below:


    • Cereals and grains were consumed in the amount of 395.31 g daily with 61.2% (242.12 g/day) from rice subgroup
    • Fruits and vegetables were consumed in the amount of 120.31 g/day and 202.65 g/day respectively
      • Over half of the daily vegetable consumed were leafy vegetables and brassica vegetables
    • Meat and poultry were consumed in the amount of 78.36 g/day and 32.12 g/day respectively
      • Approximately 70% of the consumed meat was from pig other than offal
    • Dim sum was consumed in the amount of 48.05 g daily
    • Overall average body mass index (BMI) for male and female respondents was 24.07 and 23.01 respectively, higher than the corresponding values in the First Food Consumption Survey published in 2010 (overall average BMI of males and females is 23.7 and 22.7 respectively)


    Link to the full report:



    Center for food safety. Report of the second Hong Kong population-based food consumption survey. June 2021.

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