About us


Wyeth Nutrition Science Center (WNSC), formerly named as Wyeth Nutrition Academy (WNA) in Hong Kong and was founded in 2013. It is now a global initiative and will have a presence in different countries. Wyeth Nutrition Science Center Hong Kong (WNSC HK) sets its core focus at enhancing people's health, the Center is committed to promoting the importance of nutrition by facilitating exchange of evidence-based nutrition knowledge and encouraging local scientific research.

Our Mission

Understanding that nutrition is a key contributor to health and an important modulator in the risk of disease, Wyeth Nutrition Science Center Hong Kong's mission is to provide a platform for scientific exchange among healthcare professionals on evidence-based nutrition, while driving local scientific researches to generate data for promoting optimal nutrition, which is crucial for the health and well-being of the local population at different life stages.

Our Objectives

  • Facilitate scientific exchanges, discussions and collaborations among healthcare professionals in nutrition
  • Drive local scientific researches to advance in evidence-based nutrition practice
  • Provide greater access to the latest clinical data and guidelines on human nutrition
  • Increase public awareness on the importance of optimal nutrition

Promote Scientific Exchange of Nutritional Information

Through various platforms - scientific seminars, expert meetings and online resources center, the Wyeth Nutrition Science Center Hong Kong aims to encourage scientific exchange among local and international experts, researchers and academics on nutrition.

  • WNSC HK invites key experts to share updated nutritional science with local healthcare professionals and academics
  • WNSC HK organizes expert meetings and symposia to facilitate discussion on nutrition topics
  • WNSC HK website provides an online platform to facilitate easy access to latest nutrition knowledge and related guidelines
  • WNSC HK Bulletin provides updated nutrition information to healthcare professionals and nutrition academics on a quarterly basis

Drive Local Nutritional Researches

The Wyeth Nutrition Science Center Hong Kong supports local scientific researches in nutrition, which may include surveillance on dietary and nutrition-related diseases data. Healthcare professionals can then utilize the information to provide nutrition counseling to their patients and the public.

  • WNSC HK initiates clinical trials to understand nutrition interventions and conditions in specific population groups
  • WNSC HK supports local initiatives on generating local dietary data
  • WNSC HK encourages local innovative nutritional researches