[Science Updates] Genetic influences on DHA level in human milk

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[Science Updates] Genetic influences on DHA level in human milk

Human milk is an ideal food for healthy infants. DHA in human milk is critical for growth and development of infants, but its content varies widely among individuals and countries.

A Taiwanese study has examined the influences of maternal FADS gene variants and dietary intake on DHA content in human milk. Results demonstrated a significant gene-diet interaction:

  • Mothers with low genetic risk+ only had high DHA level with high DHA intake
  • Dietary impact was quite limited among mothers with high genetic risk+

+Genetic risk was stratified by whether minor allele numbers were ≥ 3 in rs1535 and rs174448

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Wu WC et al. FADS Genetic variants in Taiwanese modify association of DHA intake and its proportions in human milk. Nutrients. 2020;12(2):543. 


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