Toddler sociability - Dr. Nora Schneider

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Neuroscience General Medicine Paediatrics

Social skills emerge in infancy and develop during  childhood when social interactions grow exponentially. They mature alongside brain changes in areas that process social information, the social brain.

Social skill development in children, such as sociability (connecting with others) and autonomy (independence) development, is fundamental to later success in school, life, health and well-being. Social skills emerge during infancy and continue developing throughout childhood and adolescence, periods of life when social interactions and social learning environments grow exponentially. Social skills and related behaviors mature alongside changes in brain structure and function, such as an increase in myelination, particularly in brain areas that process social information and that regulate those complex social skills and behaviors.




Dr. Nora Schneider. 9th Annual Wyeth® Nutrition Science Center Global Summit. 2020