Miss June Chan

Miss June Chan

Senior Dietitian, Allergy Centre
Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, Hong Kong

June King-Chi Chan is a registered dietitian in the USA and an accredited dietitian of the Hong Kong Academy of Accredited Dietitians (HKAAD), a Member of Register of Dietitians Accredited by Department of Health.  Ms Chan is a past President-elect of the Hong Kong Nutrition Association (HKNA).

Currently Ms Chan is working as the Senior Dietitian at the Allergy Centre, Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, Hong Kong.  She is also the co-chair of the Allied Health Professionals and Health Promotion Subcommittee of the Hong Kong Institutes of Allergy.  In 2016, Ms Chan has been awarded for the HKIA Outstanding Contributions as an Allied Health Professional in Allergic Diseases Award.

Ms Chan's scope of practice encompasses food allergies and intolerances, educating patients of all ages on allergy-prevention and -treatment diets, designing protocols for and administrating various food challenges and food oral immunotherapies.  Apart from her clinical commitments, Ms Chan contributes regular health articles to major publications.  Her written works include co-authorship of, and contributions to books released by the HKNA, HKDA, and the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, various allergy guidelines of the Hong Kong Institute of Allergy, as well as clinical research published in medical journals.  

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