WNSC Hong Kong Bulletin 2018 Issue 2

Creation Date: Thursday, Oct 04, 2018

  • The critical window of intervening neurodevelopment
  • Guidelines for a nutritionally adequate vegetarian diet
  • Infertility Awareness Week – The role of dietary intervention
  • Maternal DHA status - Its role in programming future generations
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Academic Activities

Scientific symposium – Critical connectivity: Assessing and supporting the development of brain and behaviour


  • Dr Henry Au Yeung Cheuk-lun (Hong Kong)
  • Professor Weili Lin (USA)
  • Dr Daniel Chiu Cheung-shing (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Fanny Lam Wai-fan (Hong Kong)

The 28th International Congress of Pediatrics (IPA) (NEW!)

17-22 August 2016, Vancouver, Canada

Science Updates

Changes in body height and global caesarean section rates (NEW!)

This article suggested that trends of adult body height between the 1970s and 1990s could explain the global variance in the present national caesarean section rates.

Maternal DHA supplementation and offspring blood pressure (NEW!)

This is a secondary analysis of a randomized clinical trial investigating the influence of 600 mg DHA supplementation during pregnancy. Maternal DHA intake during pregnancy helps protect offspring from blood pressure-elevating outcome of childhood overweight or obese condition.


Picky Eating eBook

Practical tips to overcome picky eating behaviours by Kate Di Prima, an accredited practicing dietitian specializing in Paediatrics and a spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia. 

Growth Charts

The WHO Child Growth Standards were developed using data collected in the WHO Multicentre Growth Reference Study (MGRS)1.