Interview with Dr. Jose Hurtado – The emerging science behind the role of the microbiota in mastitis (NEW!)

  • The microbial etiology of mastitis and its effects on human milk
  • The role of probiotics in the prevention of mastitis

Interview with Dr. Marco Ho – The forefront of allergy prevention in the Hong Kong paediatric population

  • Trends in food allergies in Hong Kong children
  • The latest science in the field of allergy prevention and treatment

Interview with Prof. Tam Wing Hung – Be alert: Nutritional status during pregnancy

  • Nutrient adequacy of pregnant women in Hong Kong
  • Practical tips to improve maternal nutrition

Interview with Prof. Man Sau Wong – Maternal nutrition in Hong Kong

  • Nutrient adequacy among lactating women in Hong Kong
  • Nutritional characteristics of human milk

Interview with Prof. Clemens Kunz – New insights on the role of human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs)

  • Possible health benefits of HMOs in infants with high hereditary allergy risk
  • Potential role of HMOs in infant neurodevelopment

Interview with Dr. Alfred Tam - Allergy in infants and young children: The situation in Hong Kong

  • Special cases of childhood allergy with indefinite clinical symptoms
  • Complementary feeding - A window of opportunity for inducing tolerance

Interview with Carol L Cheatham, PhD – The clinical significance of maternal genetics on nutrient availability and child cognitive development: What advice can I give to my patients?

  • The role of the FADS2 gene on maternal DHA levels and its implications in child cognitive development
  • Recommended dietary interventions for mothers and children with polymorphisms in their FADS2 gene complex

Interview with Professor Zulfiqar Bhutta – Minimizing nutritional gaps in the continuum of maternal and child health

  • The impact of malnutrition on maternal and child health worldwide
  • Recommended dietary interventions to improve maternal and childhood nutrition

Interview with Professor Emeran Mayer – The microbiome-gut-brain interaction and its significance in obesity

  • The role of the microbiome-gut-brain axis in infant and childhood obesity
  • Recommended dietary interventions to modulate the gut microbiome for optimal weight management

Interview with Prof. Suzanne Ho – Nutrition for Midlife Women: Working towards Optimal Bone Health

  • Hormonal changes after menopause and their physiological effects
  • The roles of soy isoflavones in post-menopausal women’s health
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Academic Activities

Post Graduate Program in Pediatric Nutrition (PGPN) Symposium and Convocation 2019


  • Dr Carine M Lenders (USA)
  • Professor Liam O’Mahony (Ireland)
  • Professor Ting Fan Leung (Hong Kong)

Scientific symposium – Critical connectivity: Assessing and supporting the development of brain and behaviour


  • Dr Henry Au Yeung Cheuk-lun (Hong Kong)
  • Professor Weili Lin (USA)
  • Dr Daniel Chiu Cheung-shing (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Fanny Lam Wai-fan (Hong Kong)


Picky Eating eBook

Practical tips to overcome picky eating behaviours by Kate Di Prima, an accredited practicing dietitian specializing in Paediatrics and a spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia. 

Growth Charts

The WHO Child Growth Standards were developed using data collected in the WHO Multicentre Growth Reference Study (MGRS)1.