WNSC Publications

WNSC Hong Kong Bulletin 2017 Issue 1 (NEW!)

  • Breast pain in lactating women – A summary of a local report and nutrition recommendations
  • Clinical guideline for managing pediatric acute gastroenteritis in the outpatient setting
  • Down syndrome and nutrition
  • Anisakiasis – Authoritative guidelines on parasite destruction in fish intended for raw consumption

Info Card 2017 Issue 1 – DHA Fact Sheet (NEW!)

  • A fact sheet supporting proper dietary intake of DHA in different life stages

Learning Corner

The World of Myelination in Child Development (NEW!)

  • Early life brain development consists of different stages, one of which is myelination, a fundamental neurodevelopmental process that facilitates communication in the nervous system. Sphingomyelin (SM) is one of the nutrients which may support this process and contribute to child development.

Wyeth Nutrition Global Summit 2015 Video – Prof. Magnus Domellöf

  • Early nutrition and the impact on long-term outcomes

Wyeth Nutrition Global Summit 2015 Video – Prof. Berthold Koletzko

  • Long-term effects of early nutrition on brain development and function

Science Updates

Guideline Summary (NEW!)

  • ESPGHAN position paper on complementary feeding

Literature Library (NEW!)

  • Infant feeding and health-related quality of life in healthy Chinese infants
  • Recommendation statement on folic acid supplementation
  • Clinical guidelines on prevention of spontaneous preterm birth


CNAG vitamin D and calcium intake calculator (NEW!)

  • An interactive tool developed for parents to calculate daily vitamin D and calcium intake of their child

Picky Eating eBook

Practical tips to overcome picky eating behaviours by Kate Di Prima, an accredited practicing dietitian specializing in Paediatrics and a spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia. 

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