5 June 2018 – Critical connectivity: Assessing and supporting the development of brain and behaviour (NEW!)

  • Dr Daniel Chiu Cheung-shing
    Neuroscience in Hong Kong primary care settings
  • Dr Fanny Lam Wai-fan
    Longitudinal evaluation of child brain development and behavior in Hong Kong
  • Professor Weili Lin
    The brain connectome: Mapping structural and function connectivity from infancy to early childhood

17 October 2017 – New horizons in supporting health outcomes (NEW!)

A symposium hosted by the Hong Kong Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (HKSPGHAN), and supported by the Wyeth Nutrition Science Center (WNSC) Hong Kong.

  • Dr Sunny Wong
    Microbiome profiling in diseases from infancy to adulthood: Implications from the local perspective
  • Professor Clemens Kunz
    Recent advances in science in the field of human milk for optimal health, with a focus on human milk oligosaccharides

06 December 2016 – The interplay between nutrigenetics and cognition, and neuroimaging to understand the developing brain

  • Professor Pek‐Lan Khong
    The Baby Connectome Project: The future of neuroimaging to map the perinatal and neonatal brain
  • Carol L Cheatham, Ph.D.
    A new era in understanding how nutrigenetics and nutrients shape cognitive development

08 December 2015 – New frontiers in understanding prenatal and neonatal brain and behavioural development

  • Professor Emeran Mayer
    Bidirectional relationships between the gut and the brain: Implications in brain and behavioural development in children
  • Dr Sylvia Doo
    The latest insights into the cause, diagnosis and contemporary management of autism spectrum disorder

16 July 2015 – Shaping the care of prenates and neonates with microbiota

  • Professor Hania Szajewska
    Modulation of intestinal microbiota and its effects on perinatal health
  • Miss June Chan
    The impact of diet on gut microbiota: Latest insights and recommendations

17 July 2014 - Investing in early childhood: From knowledge to action

  • Professor Andrew Prentice
    Role of breastfeeding in growth and development: Early influences on later health
  • Dr Sophie Leung
    Mapping the local breastfeeding landscape: Insights and challenges

25 March 2014 - The impact of nutrition and gestational diabetes mellitus on maternal health and fetal development

  • Professor Andrew Prentice
    Nutritional regulation of maternal health and offspring development: From periconception to pregnancy
  • Professor Ronald Ma
    Asia’s growing burden of gestational diabetes mellitus: Latest insights and management

3 December 2013 - Managing allergy: Recent advances in clinical and nutritional interventions

  • Professor Ting Fan Leung
    Food allergy: Causes and clinical diagnosis in infants and children
  • Professor Sibylle Koletzko
    From clinical studies to practical guidelines: Can maternal and child nutrition affect allergic incidence among high-risk children?

9 March 2013 - Wyeth Nutrition Academy Inaugural Scientific Meeting

  • Professor Berthold Koletzko
    Early origins of adult disease: Is it genes or early environment?
  • Dr Alexandra Richardson
    Nutrition and children’s behavior and learning: The importance of omega-3 fatty acids
  • Professor Albert Lee
    Helping children and families to combat childhood obesity: A local perspective
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Post Graduate Program in Pediatric Nutrition (PGPN) Symposium and Convocation 2019


  • Dr Carine M Lenders (USA)
  • Professor Liam O’Mahony (Ireland)
  • Professor Ting Fan Leung (Hong Kong)

Scientific symposium – Critical connectivity: Assessing and supporting the development of brain and behaviour


  • Dr Henry Au Yeung Cheuk-lun (Hong Kong)
  • Professor Weili Lin (USA)
  • Dr Daniel Chiu Cheung-shing (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Fanny Lam Wai-fan (Hong Kong)


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