5 June 2018 – Critical connectivity: Assessing and supporting the development of brain and behaviour (NEW!)

  • Dr Daniel Chiu Cheung-shing
    Neuroscience in Hong Kong primary care settings
  • Dr Fanny Lam Wai-fan
    Longitudinal evaluation of child brain development and behavior in Hong Kong
  • Professor Weili Lin
    The brain connectome: Mapping structural and function connectivity from infancy to early childhood

17 October 2017 – New horizons in supporting health outcomes (NEW!)

A symposium hosted by the Hong Kong Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (HKSPGHAN), and supported by the Wyeth Nutrition Science Center (WNSC) Hong Kong.

  • Dr Sunny Wong
    Microbiome profiling in diseases from infancy to adulthood: Implications from the local perspective
  • Professor Clemens Kunz
    Recent advances in science in the field of human milk for optimal health, with a focus on human milk oligosaccharides

06 December 2016 – The interplay between nutrigenetics and cognition, and neuroimaging to understand the developing brain

  • Professor Pek‐Lan Khong
    The Baby Connectome Project: The future of neuroimaging to map the perinatal and neonatal brain
  • Carol L Cheatham, Ph.D.
    A new era in understanding how nutrigenetics and nutrients shape cognitive development

08 December 2015 – New frontiers in understanding prenatal and neonatal brain and behavioural development

  • Professor Emeran Mayer
    Bidirectional relationships between the gut and the brain: Implications in brain and behavioural development in children
  • Dr Sylvia Doo
    The latest insights into the cause, diagnosis and contemporary management of autism spectrum disorder

16 July 2015 – Shaping the care of prenates and neonates with microbiota

  • Professor Hania Szajewska
    Modulation of intestinal microbiota and its effects on perinatal health
  • Miss June Chan
    The impact of diet on gut microbiota: Latest insights and recommendations

17 July 2014 - Investing in early childhood: From knowledge to action

  • Professor Andrew Prentice
    Role of breastfeeding in growth and development: Early influences on later health
  • Dr Sophie Leung
    Mapping the local breastfeeding landscape: Insights and challenges

25 March 2014 - The impact of nutrition and gestational diabetes mellitus on maternal health and fetal development

  • Professor Andrew Prentice
    Nutritional regulation of maternal health and offspring development: From periconception to pregnancy
  • Professor Ronald Ma
    Asia’s growing burden of gestational diabetes mellitus: Latest insights and management

3 December 2013 - Managing allergy: Recent advances in clinical and nutritional interventions

  • Professor Ting Fan Leung
    Food allergy: Causes and clinical diagnosis in infants and children
  • Professor Sibylle Koletzko
    From clinical studies to practical guidelines: Can maternal and child nutrition affect allergic incidence among high-risk children?

9 March 2013 - Wyeth Nutrition Academy Inaugural Scientific Meeting

  • Professor Berthold Koletzko
    Early origins of adult disease: Is it genes or early environment?
  • Dr Alexandra Richardson
    Nutrition and children’s behavior and learning: The importance of omega-3 fatty acids
  • Professor Albert Lee
    Helping children and families to combat childhood obesity: A local perspective
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Scientific symposium – Critical connectivity: Assessing and supporting the development of brain and behaviour


  • Dr Henry Au Yeung Cheuk-lun (Hong Kong)
  • Professor Weili Lin (USA)
  • Dr Daniel Chiu Cheung-shing (Hong Kong)
  • Dr Fanny Lam Wai-fan (Hong Kong)

The 28th International Congress of Pediatrics (IPA) (NEW!)

17-22 August 2016, Vancouver, Canada

Science Updates

Carbohydrates in human milk and body composition of infants during the first year of life (NEW!)

This study investigated relationships between the intake of human milk carbohydrates in the first year of life and infant body composition. Higher total carbohydrate concentrations, including human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs), were associated with increased lean mass and reduced adiposity.


Picky Eating eBook

Practical tips to overcome picky eating behaviours by Kate Di Prima, an accredited practicing dietitian specializing in Paediatrics and a spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia. 

Growth Charts

The WHO Child Growth Standards were developed using data collected in the WHO Multicentre Growth Reference Study (MGRS)1.